The Elect Life - Podcast Edition

The Tree of Life: Lesson 3 - Part 2 (The Garments of The Sefiroth)

Episode Summary

The Creator symbolically clothes Himself in the garments of "The Sefiroth", which are attributes of Hashem, his creative spiritual energies that fill and operate all the Universes. We learn from Deuteronomy 6:4 that Hashem is ONE (Shema Israel), not three or ten (godlike) beings. We show our love for Him by learning about His Torah and doing His will (mitzvahs - good deeds and kindness), by believing in and on his Mashiach. Watch on, to learn about these garments and open your eyes to the Torah of Elohim as he "Robes/Wraps " himself in all his Glorious and Splendid Torah. Website: Don't forget to visit the website blog for more.